Thursday, December 3, 2009

Detour Cleanup Complete

I just committed few changes to the SVN, which removes dtStatNavmesh and dtTileNavmesh. The brand new dtNavMesh has combined functionality if the both.

Migration should be as easy as renaming dtStat* or dtTile* to dt*. There are two different init() methods depending if you use the mesh as solo or tile based.

dtNavMesh now also has BVtree per tile mesh for faster polygon lookup, which is good news if you are using large tile sizes. The tile mesh limitations, max tile and poly count, are now parameters which can be set at runtime. The max node count for the A* is not init param too, instead of magic constant in the sources.

The reason for this merging was that it was becoming a burden to manage the two types of meshes which were supposed to have the same functionality.

I apologize again for the trouble.

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