Friday, October 29, 2010

Detour API Change

Heads up!

I changed the Detour API so that it always returns a status (success, failure and few others) instead of number of polygons on path, etc. When you sync to a version > R250, I suggest double checking the calls to Detour.

Many of the changes also changed the function signatures so you will get compiler errors and know where to changes stuff. Some functions such as init() can now have multiple failure cases si simply checking true/false will not result on correct behavior.

The biggest change was for the functions which previously returned number of results. Now the result count is passed as a parameter and the return value tells you if the operation succeed or failed. For example pathFind() changed from:

m_npolys = m_navQuery->findPath(m_startRef, m_endRef, m_spos, m_epos, &m_filter, m_polys, MAX_POLYS);


m_navQuery->findPath(m_startRef, m_endRef, m_spos, m_epos, &m_filter, m_polys, &m_npolys, MAX_POLYS);

To ease the migration, I made the change so that result count is always initialized to 0 in the beginning of the call, so it is safe to use that as an indicator of success too.

Currently majority of the failure cases are reported when one of the input dtPolyRefs was null. There is only one succeed case, so it is good value to check for success.

If you have some ideas for more verbose error reporting or find bugs, let me know!

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