Sunday, April 15, 2012

Demopaja Sources

Inspired by Farbrasuch's release of their demo tools, I decided to dig up my old Demopaja backup, clean up some directories from random crap, and put it up here for downloads:
I don't have Windows dev machine these days anymore so I have no idea if it still compiles. I think it compiled back in 5th May in 2008 when I looked at it the last time.

I'm still quite proud of the tool, the documentation and all that. Even if I do despise the coding style – I was young then, you know.

[EDIT] You can treat the code public domain, some libs and snippets have their own licenses, treat them appropriately.


  1. Isn't it scary to browse the old sources and see those far away dates, I recently found the Energia and Wonder sources on an old disk and saw 2001 and 1998.. holy crap, that's like another lifetime compared to how old we were back then.

  2. I'm amazed you guys still have that code. I think my Sonnet code (or even any of the older code) didn't survive the hard disk breakdowns.

  3. You probably meant "Farbrausch", not "Farbrasuch" ;-)

  4. Wow!!! The best (and the mos conceptual for me) demotool ever! And your timeline control is awesome!