Monday, February 1, 2010

Area Progress pt. 4

Initial batch of changes required for the area generation are in. Currently only Recast end of things are affected. The rest will follow in following days/weeks.

The SVN version will be in a flux until I've finished the features. If you feel like testing or early adopting for some reason, please note that there is one additional step now. Search for rcErodeArea() in the sample sources to see how things are done, also rcBuildRegions() has lost one of its parameters. [EDIT] rcBuildRegionsMonotone() is not currently support yet, it will be.

There were quite a few corner cases to be taken care of like, if an area falls on a tile edge or maybe not. I think I got 'em all, but if you see funky things at tile borders with areas, let me know.

Request for Comments on Flags and Types and Costs

Next up is Detour implementation. If you have some comments, suggestions, wishes, good experiences from past, I'm interested to know about it!

Here's my current strain of thinking quoted from a reply to one of the previous posts. And yes, I will be very mean and lean what it comes to memory, so you're not going to get 64 bits of flags per poly :)

I'm currently leaning toward a solution where you have 6bits of area types, and 10bits of flags. The area type specify cost and flags can act as boolean filter.

The generation process will allow to mark areas. The shape of the area along with its' type will be there in the final navmesh. For testing purposes I just created a box area type, but I hope to support other shapes as well as per input triangle area type.

You are free to convert certain area types to flags too. For example roads, dirt and tall grass might just be different weights, but water might get its' own flag.


  1. additional custom data member for tile, something like void* to hold additional information per tile.

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