Friday, February 5, 2010

Slides from the Past

I was plowing through my old files the other day and found these. We had a master class over at more or less a year ago about Recast. Or actually it was not called yet Recast back then. The slides are pretty good overview of how Recast process works.
For more in depth explanation, there is a video of the master class available at the site too for subscribed member. It costs some, but there are tons of other good content you gain access too.


  1. Thanks that was some interesting reading, I was actually wondering how you did the regions :)

    Voxelization is kind of the core of your implementation. Did you ever consider working just with triangles before deciding on voxels?

  2. I have done few expriments with CSG long ago, but I got so frustrated at the robustness of those algorithms.

    If you are interested in such system, take a look at this paper, which was also mentioned at the slide references

    Automated Static and Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in Arbitrary 3D Polygonal Worlds

  3. Yeah that paper was really nice to. I just wish they had gone into even more detail on the "Area System" part.

    Anyways your blog has inspired me to read more about game AI and pathing :)