Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stealth Mode

I have been a bit in a stealth mode the past months. It has been less about doing something I cannot tell you about, but I have just put a lot of time and energy into finishing up my local navigation research and preparing a (hopefully!) kick ass presentation about it for the Paris Game AI Conference next week. The image above is a little teaser screenshot from my presentation.

I will make the presentation available after the conference along with the demo code. So that might be something to look forward to. More about that in few weeks.

I'm also planning to update Project Cane at some point this summer after I clean things up a bit. Project Cane was basically my testbed to test different local avoidance ideas. It will also come with the local navigation grid code I blogged earlier. It'll be bunch of proto code, but maybe someone will use it useful too.

Then at some point I will start working on multi-agent navigation which will be part of Recast & Detour. My current idea is that it will be separate library, just like Recast and Detour are separated but related. There will be some glue code in form of examples which will show you how to use them together.

I hope to see many of you in Paris next week, if not, stay tuned for the presentation :)


  1. Hope your presentation will kick asses (at least mine) in Paris !
    I'm looking forward to talk with you about navigation.

  2. Hmm funny, i'm currently testing around with local navigation.
    My idea was to create a hybrid of VOs and a grid navigation. Your "teaser" looks very similar to that idea. I'm very curious about it! ;)
    Do you plan to release your slides online when the conference is over?

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  4. Fish, yeah... I will post the demo and the code and some slides in some form after the conference.

  5. My Ass was kicked !!!
    Great presentation
    Writing the presentation in Code ... Brilliant !


  6. Hi Mikko, great presentation in Paris but if anything I was most impressed by the method of presentation itself! Brilliant design. Look forward to seeing the demo code when you post it.

  7. Mikko, your presentation was beautiful, like Cameron said your sliding page with live content showed great care for the audience. And I realized that it helped mapping your topic geographically in the mind. Mikah, one of the attendee, the one with the stable neural net, told me later that day that neural researchers found out geometry is mapped 1:1 in the brain topology, so when you you see a cube, the neural path form an actual cube in the brain mass !
    Man you rocl !

  8. It really was a beautiful presentation. For those who didn't see it, he interleaved the "slides" with programs so he didn't have to switch in between slides and a command line like Perlin. It was just seamlessly integrated. Other than the excellent presentation, the explanation and algorithms used were brilliant too. I would love to get my hands on his demo code :)

  9. Hi Mikko, i've submitted an issue on your Project Cane but i'm not sure if it was the right place to. If you could take a look at it, thanks in advance. (i can send my cane script test again if needed)