Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hybrid Reciprocal Directive Circle

Or HRDC for short. That is my homage to obstacle avoidance scene. The method is combining the good stuff from HRVO with easy of implementation of DC.

I got my implementation of directive circle working better and in many cases it works as nicely as my geometric implementation of HRVOs. I like how it makes it easy to combine different obstacles, and it looks like implementing static segment obstacles will be pretty easy.

DCs are faster to generate so some form of look-head planning could be feasible (it could be turned off as LOD).


  1. waiting in recast )).
    now i decided to do not collide
    npc, just make different speeds to them.

    looks awful.

  2. Good work!
    I'm wondering though, looking at that image, it doesn't seem to take into account if an object is moving away from you. In which case you should still be able to move in that direction.

  3. Thanks! :)

    In the above picture the agent that is blocking the most is the slightly larger one at 10 o'clock which is moving towards five o'clock. (that is, if you imagine that DC as a face of a clock).

    Those three agents which are moving roughly in the same direction do not contribute to the DC. I think, there are quite a few lines there :)