Sunday, November 15, 2009

Recast Debug Draw Interface

I added simple abstract interface for debug drawing. Currently only the Recast debug draw code is converted over, I will do Detour later too. I hope it helps a bit to reuse to debug draw code in different projects.

The is pretty much as simple as it gets. It has begin(), vertex(), and end() methods. The begin method gets primitive type, number of vertices and primitive size as parameters. Sequential calls to vertex is assumed to fill in the primitives to be draw, and all vertices are send when end is called. This should allow to easily implement both buffered and immediate rendering.

Changes are available in the SVN.

I also started to add some preparation to get the area stuff working again. Last time I was working on it, I made too big changes in one jump. This time around I try to do more gradual changes.

I will be merging Detour tiled and stat navmeshes into one at some point in near future. The impact for stat mesh users should be really small. I like the simplicity of the stat mesh, but the beauty will be gone soon anyways when the areas and jump-links get implemented.

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