Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heightfield Layer Portals

I worked today a bit on the layers again. I was trying to find the minimal data that needs to be stored. There were a couple of cases which required a bit more thinking.

For example should the layer contain that extra border or not? I decided that it should not. That required me to store the edges which may lead to a connected layer and it also means that the obstacle will need to be expanded by the agent radius, but that is something I was planning to do anyways.

It turned out to be a good choice to dig up the portals anyways. Now it is possible to calculate a hierarchical graph based on the portals only. The way the layer partitioning is done makes sure that the connections between two layers are always axis aligned. This makes things a lot easier and robust. As difference to the connections between navmesh tiles, with layers there can be a portal in the middle of a tile too. I will need to add support for this in Detour later.

I think I'll add a bit more info for the portals, for example which portals are connected to each other within a single layer.

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