Thursday, March 3, 2011

Insomniac is using Recast for Resistance 3

Just heard interesting news from GDC. Insomniac is using Recast to create navmeshes for Resistance 3! has coverage of the talk on their forum.

I was kinda expecting this based on the screenshots in Mike Acton's slides his unfinished usability presentation :)

I would love to know how they arrange the data so that they can do pathfinding on SPU. Their future directions look very much inlined with my ideas, i.e. rebuild tiles on SPU for sleeping temporary obstacles.

Can't wait to hear the whole presentation.


  1. That forum requires a registration to read the page? WTF.

  2. Yeah it was a good talk. I'm waiting for Reddy (I think that was his name) to put the slides up at Insomniac.

  3. Yes, the forum requires registration and you need to introduce yourself too :-) There are many other open forums about game development and this one is a bit more inclusive in that you need to register to get access.

    It keeps the spammers out and the community friendly :-) On the bright side, you get to interact with a professional community of researchers and professionals -- including Mikko!