Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bulletstorm is Using Recast

Much to my girlfriends disappointment, I just got my copy of Bulletstorm today! She was expecting the courier to bring her a fragrance from Venice and UPS brought this gory awesomeness from Warsaw instead.

Congrats to Mieszko and the gang at People at Can Fly for shipping such a great game! And thank you for mention me in the credits :)


  1. This is very cool, congrats dude!

  2. Wow! It seem recast is becoming and industry standard as it evolve :) .

  3. Nice! Did you get any thanks, credits or anything for your work?

  4. It is mentioned in the credits and PCF was kind enough to even send me a copy of the game, that is, more than I asked for :)

  5. Well done, that's the best advertisement you can get.

  6. Hi Mikko...

    Thank you for your library. I am physics and pathfinding software engineer at Techland. We had used your code in Call of Juarez, The Cartel and Dead Island (see credits).
    Thank you for your work :)

    Andrzej Zacharewicz